Nepal Geographical Society (NGS) was established in 1961 (BS 2018) with objectives of promoting and disseminating geographical knowledge through research, discussions, and publications. It conducts research, publishes journals and organizes talk programs, seminars and workshops. An Ad hoc Executive Committee of Nepal Geographical Society was formed in 1962. The first elected Executive Committee was constituted in 1966. Currently, there are more than 300 members including foreign scientists in the society. The International Geographical Union (IGU) in its 14th General Assembly accepted Nepal as a member. The role of geographers in development planning has been recognized in the country and geographers were appointed as Vice-Chairman and Member of National Planning Commission, Vice-Chancellor of Nepal Academy of Science and Technology and also appointed as member in restructuring the administrative and political units in the country.

The Himalayan Review is an annual publication of the society

The first volume of the Himalayan Review was published in 1968 as a special issue to commemorate the 21st International Geographical Congress held in New Delhi in December 1968. Since then NGS has been publishing the Himalayan Review quite regularly. Several talk programs, seminars, workshops, conferences both national and international level have been organized by the society. It also organized several Quiz Contest, and book and map exhibition in the country.